Banasthali Community Radio



1.   Community Radio Station : Radio Banasthali is the first community Radio Station in Rajasthan. 

The basic object of community Radio broadcasting is to serve the cause of the community in the service area of the radio station by involving member of the community in the broadcast of their program. The community means people living in coverage zone of the broadcasting service of the radio station.

The programs on the community Radio Station are focusing on issues relating education, health, environment, agriculture, rural and community development. The contain of Radio Banasthali is confined to social, cultural and local issues and the format, subject presentation and language reflect and excude the local flavor and fragrance.       

Programs of Radio Banasthali: Radio Banasthali is a community radio station and different programs like MAHAKTE MOTI( based on life stories of scientists), RASOI KI MAHAK(recipes), PRAKASH PUNJ(science in routine life), TARUN SPANDAN( conversation), GRAMIN JAGAT( program for villagers), AHAR VIHAR( common education), JANO TANO BANO KO( textile designing), PARVARISH(children development), ANUPAM(based on life stories of poets), KAVITA PATH( poems), FUTAKER HANSI(jokes), GUNJAN(songs based on stories), PATROTAR FARMISH(feed back of listeners and their choice for songs through letters) , MUTHI BHAR DOOP(short story ), KATHA LEHAR(short story), DEVLO GAYN KO(play), PRENA(universal thoughts), NAMAN(pray of god), KILKARI(children program), NANHE SITARE(children program), LOKGEET, MILE JULE FILMY GEET, CLASSICAL SONGS, BHAJAN, GAZALS etc. are relayed from Radio Banasthali for community.

2.   Community Involvement in Radio Banasthali :

Vocal Recordings

a.  Students: The students of the Banasthali University are a major part of the community of Radio Banasthali. The students participate in different programs like MAHAKTE MOTI, RASOI KI MAHAK, PRAKASH PUNJ, MUTHI BHAR DHOOP, TARUN SPANDAN, AHAR VIHAR, GUNJAN, PATROTTAR FARMAISH, ANUPAM, PARVARISH, PRENA, NAMAN, announcements, and promos of programs, station bumpers and station id of radio Banasthali.

b.  Staff: Working staff of Banasthali University also participates in different program like KATHA LAHAR, GYAN UDHYOG, RASOI KI MAHAK, AHAR VIHAR, and GRAMAN JAGAT etc.

c.   People Living In Village And Covering Zone of Radio Banasthali- The people living in the villages and areas of covering zone of Radio Banasthali is also a major part of community of Radio Banasthali. The people participate in different program like GRAMIN JAGAT, TARUN SPANDAN etc.

Musical Recordings

a. Students- The students of Banasthali University have participated in different Musical Recordings of Radio Banasthali like BANASTHALI GEET, SHAHEED GEET, HOLI GEET, DESH BHAKTI GEET, BHAJAN, and VANDANA etc.

b. Staff: The staff of Banasthali University has also participated in different musical recordings of Radio Banasthali like AAPAJI GEET, HOLI GEET, BHAJAN, and VANDANA etc.

c. People Living In Village And Covering Zone of Radio Banasthali- The people of village has participated in different musical recordings like DEVNARAYANJI KI KATHA, MADAN SIGHJI KI KATHA, GANGOR GEET, BHAJAN, and VANDANA etc. and other folk music.

Note: The details of all the programs relayed from Radio Banasthali is listed in program sheet file attached with the report the details contains name of participants, topics and date of broadcast.

Extension activities- The outdoor recordings are also scheduled for Radio Banasthali to cover the different cultural and conventional activities of Banasthali University.

The Radio Reports on different activities like convocation, Independence Day, Republic day, Apaji janmdin, sports, inauguration ceremonies etc. are relayed from Radio Banasthali on the occasions.

Many programs related to problems of farmers in agriculture and delay routine life is also relayed form radio Banasthali. Some programs related to this is here:

1.      Prashnottar- Pashupalan- This program is related to the problems in nourishment of pat animals of farmers. We get feedback of farmers of community from their letters and then we advice them for solution of their problems related to their pat animals through our program.

2.        Gramin-Jagat-This program is related to the problems in daily routine life of villagers of the community. In this program we try to educate the villagers of the community in general agitates of living life.               

3.     Better Visibility- The programs of radio Banasthali are related to education, health, environment, agriculture, rural, and community development so the community of radio Banasthali is beneficiated in the above areas.