Courses & Schemes

Banasthali Vidyapith's work in the field of women's education has been of a special type. It can neither be classified as routine type nor welfare type of work. It is a unique blending of the two types.

In this regard the courses offered by the school education wing of the Banasthali Vidyapith are as follows :

> Elementary Education

> Secondary & Senior Secondary

Elementary Education

The following shall be the subject of study from class 1 to 8.

(a) Class 1 to 2 :

1. Hindi
2. Maths
3. English
4. Music
5. Drawing

(b) Class 3 to 5 :
1. Hindi
2. Maths
3. English
4. Environmental Studies
5. Music
6. Drawing
7. Cooking
8. Introduction to Computer
9. Craft

(c) Class 6 to 8 :

1. Hindi
2. Maths
3. Sanskrit
4. English
5. Social Studies
6. General Science
7. Home Science
8. Music/Drawing
9. Introduction to Computer
10. Craft

Secondary Education

The following shall be the subjects of study for the Secondary School Certificate Part I and II Secondary (Class IX & X).

(i).     Hindi
(ii).    English
(iii).   Sanskrit

(iv).   Social Science :-

              (a)    History+Civics+Economics

              (b)    Geography

(v).    General Science :-

                (a)    Physics

                (b)    Chemistry

                (c)    Biology

(vi).    Mathematics

(vii)    Education for Home

(viii)   Aesthetic Education

                (a)    Music (Vocal & Instrumental)

                (b)    Drawing & Painting

                (c)    Dance : Kathak / Manipuri

(ix)    Introduction to Computer

(x)     Physical Education

(xii)   Social Service


Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (Class XI & XII)

New admissions are made in class 11th only.
The following shall be the subjects of study for the Senior Secondary School Certificate Part I and Part II examination:

Compulsory Subjects :

1. Hindi
2. English
3. Computer Programming and Application

Optional Subjects :

(i) Humanities Group:

Every student has to opt one subject from each group given here under:

Group I: 1.Hindi 2.Physical Education 3.Economics 4.Home Science

Group II: 1.Geography 2.Political Science 3.English 4.Music Instrumental 5.Music Vocal

Group III: 1.History 2.Drawing 3.Sanskrit

(ii) Science Group:


     Science Mathematics         : 1.Physics 2.Chemistry 3.Mathematics

     Science Biology                  : 1.Physics 2.Chemistry 3.Biology

     Science Maths + Bio/Geo  : 1.Physics 2.Chemistry 3.Mathematics 4.Biology/Geography

Commerce Group:

2. Business Studies
3. Economics / Mathematics


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