About The Department

Enormous growth in the Biological Data in Genomics and Proteomics has led to rapidly growing demand of the management and interpretation of such data through the newly emerged discipline of Bioinformatics. The nation needs trained Bioinformaticians in both academic institutions as well as industries. This prompted Banasthali to introduce two year M.Sc. and one year P.G. Diploma Course in Bioinformatics. These programmes are run with the faculty of life sciences.
The courses in Bioinformatics aim to provide the students -
  • The concepts of computer science that relate to problems in biological sciences
  • Commercial and academic perspectives on Bioinformatics
  • The impact of Bioinformatics on the methodologies used in biological sciences
  • The influence that biological sciences have on computing science

These courses are relevant to a wide range of  industries that involve knowledge of the networks and databases in Bioinformatics and the use and development of computer software for the analysis of biological data, drug designing, target-identification etc. The courses  open new job avenues in the area of  Biology and agriculture by making the students well-versed with the concepts of Bioinformatics such as Utilizing IT in the Life Sciences Domain - Gene-Based Drugs Discovery, Drug Designing, Disease Diagnosis, Pharmacogenomics, Toxicogenomi.

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