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The Department of Psychology runs BA, MA & PhD programs. The courses at BA and MA level are progressively arranged where each course  serves as a prerequisite for the forthcoming  semester courses that creates  an  effective  flow of comprehensive understanding and systematic insight into different dimensions of human behavior.

It offers a wide variety of courses with professional   relevance   (e.g. Organizational Behavior,  Human   Resource   Development    and  Management Community Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Sports Psychology, Clinical and Counseling Psychology to mention a few). The courses like psychological testing and research methodology have been incorporated in the course structure to enable the students to acquire professional competence and sensitivity to conduct quality researches. It also offers additional course of Rehabilitation Psychology.

At Masters Level, the courses in the first semester form the firm basis that equips the students to comprehend the complexities of psychology applied to the real life situations. The focus of second semester is socio-cultural and environmental issues in order to understand the transactional and reciprocal nature of human behavior and various social settings. The course of Positive Health Psychology in this semester would enable students to learn skills in enhancing the quality of life. The thrust of the third semester is to prepare the students to handle issues related to health and ill health and promote positive psychological health. Finally, the fourth semester along with the second and third semester offers various professional and vocational courses in diversified areas that would enable the students to seek jobs and render psychological services to the mankind.

The practical training in each semester has been carefully tailored to prepare students as Practicing Psychologist. Sufficient emphasis is laid on the application of psychology to address the real life challenges. Syllabi of each course have been tailored so as to incorporate the latest advancements in the subject. A rich collection of reading material (text and reference books) has been suggested in the syllabi and is available in the central/departmental library. Department has a well-equipped psychology laboratory, internet facility and competent teaching faculty.

The department offers PhD program for the prospective researchers in a wide variety of areas namely Health Psychology, Positive Psychology, Community Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Life Skills, Personality, Clinical and Counseling Psychology etc. It gives the opportunities and encourages students and research scholars to participate in various enriching academic activities (workshops, conferences and research projects).

Psycho Friends Club: Organizes a variety of innovative, interesting and enriching curricular and co-curricular activities (e.g. capacity building and personality grooming sessions) for psychology as well as non-psychology students.

 Other Extension Services: Broadcast psychological programs on FM Radio of Banasthali Vidyapith.

     It plans to utilize and render the services across different disciplines (Inter-disciplinary approach) including Departments of Statistics Computer Applications, Law, Management, Gender Studies, Human Development, Education, Fine Arts and other Social Sciences.

 Career Opportunities in Psychology:

  • Psychologists are working as Health Care Providers, assess behavioral and mental functions and plan interventions.
  • They contribute in solving complex problems related to human behavior through careful collection and analysis of data and intervention strategies.
  • They work to improve the Interpersonal Relations and Mental Health.
  • They work as Human Engineers and help in designing machines to suit human limitations.
  • They collaborate with other professionals like Scientists, Physicians, Computer Experts, Engineers, Policymakers and Managers to address diversified issues. They work with Business Executives, Performers and Athletes to improve performance and reduce stress.
  • They advise lawyers and collaborate with educators on school reforms.
  • They help disaster victims and bystanders to recover from the trauma of traumatic event.
  • They team with Law Enforcement and Public Health Officials to analyze the causes and preventions of such events.
  • They work to provide answers to research questions in diversified fields (perception, learning, attribution etc.).
  • They find their places in Laboratories, Hospitals, Court Rooms, Schools and Universities, Organizations and Corporate Offices.
  • They contribute to almost every sphere of life and every segment of the community.
  • Career opportunities for psychologists are expanding in number and scope every day.

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