Various extra curricular activities carried out in Banasthali University are very much related to extension, community welfare and interaction programme. An integrated efforts is being made through activities in N.SS, Banasthali Sewa Dal (Guiding & NCC combined) FM Radio and other outreach programmes 

(a) Banasthali Sewa Dal (BSD)

Imparting five fold education occupies an important place in educational programme of Banasthali University among this physical health priorities become it is considered that physical health and mental health are complimentary to each other.

It is Vidyapith is looked ensure that physical health is looked after well. In this direction, BDS trains to build physical and mental robustness which gives an opportunity for all round development of student through PT, Parade, physical exercise, weapon handing , map reading , signaling , girl guiding, Team building etc.

BSD conducts annual training campus This training not only builds all round personality of students but also educates them for contributing toward social welfare  which encompasses following subjects -
(1) Literacy
(2) Population control
(3) Studies have to clear above three level of efficiency badges 

Students contact villagers and carry out to social welfare activities.

Students associate themselves with community development work to enhance their development work to enhance their rangering ability.

Literacy campaign accomplishes objectives of imparting the illiterates writing, reading ability and providing basic mathematical knowledge.

Population control education leads to making women aware of their health and well being .To quality body examination, rangers rural children and make aware about good heath, hygiene and sanitation. They also attend ailing villagers in primary health centers. They contribute toward adult literacy.
Vaccination immunization programmes are conducted in rural areas through door to door campaign. BSD students assists villagers in opening bank account. They also ensure environment conservation through plantation and protection of natural flora and favna. 

(b) N.S.S.

National Service scheme (NSS) aims at arousing social consciousness of the youth with an overall objective of personality development of the students through community service. Also youth can play catalytic role in accelerating the process of national development. Keeping this objective in mind, Banasthali University is running students centered programme i.e. NSS. Every year most of the under graduate students enroll in NSS. Seven villages have been adopted by NSS wing In the beginning of session, survey is done by NSS volunteers to identify the problems prevalent in the village. 

Programmes are then planned and implemented in the villages through regular activities and special one day and ten days camping programmes.

Over the years NSS has made significant contribution in the field of literacy, health and family welfare, water conservation, environment enrichment and various social issues.

Awareness in villagers is created through lectures, sheet play and with the help of audio visual aids like films, documentary, charts and posters. Help of experts in various fields is also taken for this purpose Various social issues have been dealt with like women and child education, child marriage, alcoholism, dray addition. AIDS, gender equality etc.  Health campus  are also organized from time to time.

Plantation has always been very important agenda of NSS, Besides doing plantation on vast scale every year, lectures are organized on the cause and consequence of environmental degradation and encouraging plantation.