M.Sc. (Bioinformatics)

 I Semester
 II Semester
1. Structural Biology
1. Data Base Management Systems*
2. Basic Cell, Molecular Biology &
    Biological Data Base
2. Computational Biology and Molecular Modeling
3. Basic Mathematics
3. Proteomics, Sequence Analysis & System Biology
4. Computer Fundamental & Perl
4. Data Structure & Object Oriented Programming**
5. Statistical Techniques**
5. Computer Networks & Internet Programming***
6. Seminar
6. Communication Skills
*   Computer Programming in C
** Hands on Statistical analysis Tools
*    Hands on DBMS Package (oracle)
**   Implementation of data structure in C
*** Perl and HTML Programming
 III Semester
  IV Semester
1. Molecular structure prediction &
 UIL Project
2. Evolutionary Computing
(i) Reading Elective*
3. Elective-I
(ii) Project, Dissertation
4. Elective-II
(iii) Seminar
5. Project**
(iv) Continuous Assessment
*   Handson Bioinformatics Package
** Software Development/Simulation
    Study/Analysis based on use of 
    software tools
(v) Viva-Voce

 1. Functional and Comparative Genomic
 2. Computer Aided Drug Designing
 3. Mining and Warehousing of Biological Data
 4. Parallel and Distributed Computing
 5. Pharamacogenomics and Pharmacogenetics
 6. Protein structure prediction and Engineering

*Reading Elective: Any of the electives listed, which has not been optained by the student in Semester III.     
 The examination is based on self-study.
 Duration: 2 hrs.
 Pattern: Any 3 questions to be answered out of a total of 5 questions in the question paper.

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