Banasthali – A leading name in women’s education all over the world. Ever since its inception Banasthali has thrived as a unique institution. It has always been conscious to preserve and nurture its moral values and educational ethics. Its full-fledged aims at an all round development of students personality is known as Panchmukhi Shiksha programme. The Panchmukhi Shiksha programme, unique in itself, is reflected in the inclusion of the aesthetic dimension fullfilling its mission.


       “Art is a unique mode of expressing a cultured way of life. The experience of joy related to the visible or invisible physical or astral body or sentiments being in real form, appear before human beings in expressive forms. That expression is termed art.”           - Prof. Aditya Shastri


        The Department of visual art in Banasthali Vidyapith dates back to the origin of Vidyapith and it has been making continuous strides on the road of its growth. Retrospectively, Drawing subject was initiated with a single student in 1937. B.A. course was started in 1943. Diploma courses from way back in 1953. The department now offers degree Course in Drawing & Painting, B.A., M.A. & M.Phil. courses.

        Achieved through personal vision, self-direction, critical ability, technical knowledge and creative energy the students are encouraged to build the capacity of critical thinking and life long learning. The U.G. and P.G. level programmes expose the students to various art disciplines viz. -Drawing, Design, Life Study, Portrait, Painting, Printmaking, Mural Painting, Art Appreciation, Fundamentals of art (pictorial elements) and history of world art and aesthetics.


        On October 25, 1983  Banasthali Vidyapith was declared to be deemed to be a University. A comprehensive process for re-orienting the total human personality to a value system was initiated. The Under graduate courses of the Fine art were restructured and developed as far as possible to provide a sound base for the Post graduate programme and also to train a modern liberally educated students who have roots in Indian heritage and to provide adequate grounding for advanced academic work as well as Freelance painting work.

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